Thursday, 27 May 2010


Apologies for the lack of information on this blog in recent weeks. This will just be a quick update as well.

Our initial phase for the reconstruction of Poblacion is over and thankfully we finished before the first Winter rains.

In total, we managed to build around 90 mediaguas which covered 94% of the emergency housing needs for the village. Right now, we're in the process (still) of forming our own legal entity to be able to continue working on the reconstruction of Poblacion.

If you don't see your donation on the spreadsheet, please don't worry. The person in charge of updating the document is away on holiday but will be back soon.

Also, part of the reason why there aren't more photos of the mediaguas and the families in the village is because, although the people in Poblacion are very grateful for the help we have given, they are also very proud and a little embarrassed that they have had to receive handouts. We do not wish to make them feel any worse by having them pose in front of their shelters. We hope you understand this.

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  1. That makes me feel bad about going to photograph/video people.