Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Further Update

Again, apologies for the lack of news on this site in recent weeks. Things move slowly in Chile!

We are currently in the process of evaluating a number of different projects for Poblacion, including renovating the main Plaza and rebuilding the Calle de Comercio. We are also assisting people with government grant applications to ensure they receive the funds that they are entitled to.

Once we get news of a confirmed project, it'll be posted here straight away.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Corporacion Campo Antiguo

A couple of weeks ago we were finally able to sign the official contracts to set up our not for profit organisation. With this corporation, named La Corporacion Campo Antiguo, we will be able to receive funding for our projects from official entities. Over the coming weeks, news of our possible and confirmed projects will be announced here- there are a number that are being worked on.

In the meantime, here's a photo of the official signing!

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Apologies for the lack of information on this blog in recent weeks. This will just be a quick update as well.

Our initial phase for the reconstruction of Poblacion is over and thankfully we finished before the first Winter rains.

In total, we managed to build around 90 mediaguas which covered 94% of the emergency housing needs for the village. Right now, we're in the process (still) of forming our own legal entity to be able to continue working on the reconstruction of Poblacion.

If you don't see your donation on the spreadsheet, please don't worry. The person in charge of updating the document is away on holiday but will be back soon.

Also, part of the reason why there aren't more photos of the mediaguas and the families in the village is because, although the people in Poblacion are very grateful for the help we have given, they are also very proud and a little embarrassed that they have had to receive handouts. We do not wish to make them feel any worse by having them pose in front of their shelters. We hope you understand this.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Event

Firstly, apologies for the lack of recent news- it's been a couple of weeks since the last post here.

Secondly, the event we held in Poblacion two weeks ago was a great success. During the day, a small feria artesanal was held, with local handicrafts, clothes and food being sold. This was accompanied by Chilean artists painting portraits of villagers and giving a workshop for the local children. At the same time, the sculptors were hard at work, creating a number of works hewn from some rather large boulders.

Later in the afternoon, a number of bands played music and the concert went on into the night.

We are also currently in the process of forming our legal entity, which will enable us to continue with you project for Poblacion in a more official manner. As with most things in Chile, the process is long and bureaucratic but we hope to have everything set up within the next 2-3 weeks.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Event in Poblacion

This weekend, 24th and 25th of April, we are hosting an event in Poblacion to promote our project to rebuild the village.

A number of Chilean artists and sculptors are donating their time and will be working in conjunction with the local community to create works of art that will stay in the village.

Renowned Chilean sculptor Franciso Gazitua will be creating a sculpture which will be the focal point of the main square in Poblacion (to be remodelled in the near future).

In the evening there is an invitation only art exhibition in Santa Ana, featuring art by Ricardo Bullemore.

Our project for Poblacion goes beyond simply building emergency housing. We wish to create a cultural and artistic centre in Colchagua that will promote local arts and crafts and create employment for the people who live in the village. We plan to help rebuild the architectural heritage that was destroyed. This event is the first step in showing that the spirit of the people of Poblacion has not been broken by the earthquake that ravaged the area.

Full list of artists and sculptors:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Construction - Construccion

Here are some photos of what your donations have paid for.

Construction slowed down last week as we were waiting for the floorboards to be made but things are picking up again now.

In some cases, we've provided timber to rebuild parts of people's houses that were not completely destroyed, giving a permanent solution to some families.

And here are two volunteers we currently have in Poblacion offering their help, Seth and Lee (from the USA and UK, respectively).

And our two local firemen we have employed to help build and also oversee the construction efforts of everyone in town.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Video of Poblacion

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle Hepp, a Chile-based, US photographer who had raised funds to be donated towards the emergency in Poblacion came down to visit. She made a short video of what she saw.

Hace un par de semanas, Kyle Hepp, una fotografa estadounidense radicada en Chile y quien habia recaudado fondos para ayudar a Poblacion vino a visitar. Hizo un cortometraje de lo que vio.

Santa Cruz Earthquake from Kyle Hepp on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

In The News - En Las Noticias

A short article about Fernando Silva, our construction coordinator and buyer, appeared in one of Chile's main newspapers recently. You can see the report by clicking here (in Spanish).

Salio recien un pequeno reportaje en La Tercera sobre Fernando Silva, nuestro coordinador de construccion. Haz clic aqui para ver el articulo.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Piers Simon Appeal

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Piers Simon Appeal for their generous donation of $3,176,820 Pesos.

The PSA was set up in memory of Piers Simon, who tragically died during the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. The UK registered charity works tirelessly to raise funds for those most in need after natural disasters all over the world and also supports a number of other charitable causes. 100% of the donations received are distributed to other registered charities around the world and also to non-registered emergency funds such as ours, here in Chile.

For more information about the PSA, please visit their main website and also their Facebook Page.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Website & New Contact Info/Sitio Web & Datos de Contacto

This blog's address has changed to www.savingpoblacion.org and we now have an official email address: info@savingpoblacion.org You don't need to change your bookmarks though- the old address will automatically redirect.

The intention of the group is to become an official charity/non-profit and for this to become a long term project to help rebuild Poblacion.

These changes are part of this commitment.

La direccion del blog se ha cambiado a www.savingpoblacion.org y ahora tenemos correo electronico oficial: info@savingpoblacion.org No hay que cambiar tu marcador- el sitio anterior se reexpedira automaticamente.

Nuestra intencion es formar un ONG y que esto sea un proyecto a largo plazo para ayudar a reconstruir Poblacion.

Estos cambios son parte del compromiso.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The Force Of Nature - La Fuerza de la Naturaleza

Here's an image showing where the earthquake hit the hardest. Colchagua Valley is within the area that is shown to have been severely hit. This area was not named an official catastrophe zone until more almost two weeks after the quake, meaning that essential aid was slow in arriving in Colchagua as a whole and even slower in Poblacion, a small village 30 minutes outside of Santa Cruz. For that reason, we decided to act ourselves.

Aqui hay una imagen que muestra donde el terremoto fue mas devastador. El Valle de Colchagua esta dentro de esa zona. Esta region no fue nombrado 'Zona de Castastrofia' hasta casi dos semanas despues del sismo, lo que significo que la ayuda essencial tardo en llegar a Colchagua como zona y tardo mas en llegar a Poblacion. Por eso, decidimos tomar accion.

Floorboards - Tablas de Piso

Here are the floorboards for 65 mediaguas!

Aqui estan las tablas de piso para 65 mediaguas!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Online Book-Keeping Of Your Donations

To see where your donation has been used, please visit our online spreadsheet. The amounts are in Chilean Pesos and only your initials are shown along with your country of origin.

Para ver como se ha ocupado tu aporte, favor de visitar nuestro documento Excel en linea. Los montos estan en pesos chilenos y solo tus iniciales se publican con tu pais de origen.

Initial enquiries showed that each mediagua (emergency house) would cost about $300.000 pesos. Through some incredible bargaining, our construction material buyer has managed to reduce that cost to less than $150.000 pesos, meaning that your donation now goes twice as far. Local vineyards have donated posts that will be used in the foundations of the houses, which has also helped reduce costs.

Al principio, parecia que cada mediagua tendria un costo de mas o menos $300.000 pesos. Gracias a la abilidad de regatear de nuestro comprador de materiales, hemos logrado rebajar ese costo a menos de $150.000 pesos, lo que significa que tu aporte rinde dos veces mas de lo que habiamos pensado. Viñas de la zona han aportado postes que seran ocupados como pilotes en los cimientos de las casas, lo que tambien ha ayudado a reducir los costos.

Each mediagua will be built by the family receiving the materials. Those families who can afford it are purchasing the tin roofs themselves so that they are a part of the process of rebuilding their own home. There are, of course, people who can neither afford the tin roof nor build the mediagua themselves and, of course, we will ensure that they receive all the help that they need.

Cada mediagua sera construida por las mismas familias que estan recibiendo nuestro apoyo. Las familias que tienen los recursos compraran el zinc para el techo de su mediagua para que esten parte del proceso de reconstruccion. Obviamente, hay personas que no pueden costear el techo ni pueden construir la mediagua y, por supuesto, vamos a asegurar que reciben toda la ayuda que necesitan.

Who You Are Helping - A Quien Estas Ayudando

Here are two of the many families that your donation is directly helping.

Aqui son dos de las muchas familias a las cuales tu aporte esta ayudando.
  • Julio Gonzalez & Onafra Figueroa

Both Julio (76) and Onafra are retired. They have lived in their house in Poblacion for 32 years.

Julio e Onafra son jubilados. Hace 32 años que viven en su casa en Poblacion.

The 27th February was already a day of sadness for them; it marked the anniversary of the death of one of their children. Now the earthquake has given them another reason to mourn- the loss of their home.

El 27 de febrero ya marcaba un dia doloroso para esta pareja- hace 5 años se murio un hijo. Ahora, el terremoto les ha dado otra razon para lamentar esa fecha- la perdida de su hogar.

They are also worried about their other children and grand-children, some of whom live in Pichilemu and who run to higher ground at every aftershock. They have a son with a terminal brain tumor and another son who is currently living with them.

Tambien, estan preocupados por sus otros hijos y nietos. Algunos viven en Pichilemu y corren hacia los cerros durante cada replica por temor de otro tsnunami. Ademas, tienen un hijo con un tumor cerebral terminal e otro que vive con ellos.

Julio and Onafra are currently living under a make-shift roof at the side of their house, with walls made of blankets. Despite the tremendous stress that the earthquake has caused them and their family, Julio and Onafra do not feel sorry for themselves. They are looking forward to rebuilding their house if they manage to obtain the funds required.

Julio e Onafra actualmente viven debajo de una construccion cuyos muros estan hechos de frazadas. A pesar del tremendo estres que les ha provocado el terremeto, no se sienten desgraciados. Tienen muchas ganas de reconstruir su casa si logran obtener los fondos necesarios.

Your donation has been used to purchase the materials to construct Julio and Onafra´s emergency housing.

Tu aporte ha comprado los materiales necesarios para construir una casa de emergencia para Julio e Onafra.

  • Juana Gomez, Juan Lorca & family

This is what their house looked like before:

Esta es una foto de como estaba su casa antes:

And this is how it looks now:

Y asi quedo despues:

There are currently 10 members of this family, including a 3 week old child and a 7 year old girl, living in a small room of about 10m2 with only 3 mattresses. This family lost so much - their home and almost everything in it and their business, a restaurant run from their house.

Actualmente hay 10 familiares, incluyendo un bebe de 3 semanas y una niña de 7 años, viviendo en un cuarto de mas o menos 10m2. Tienen solo 3 colchones. Esta familia ha perdido muchisimo- su hogar y todo su contenido y su negocio, un restaurante operado desde la casa.

They are currently cooking over an open fire, using wood from their destroyed home as fuel. They are desperate to rebuild their home and their business. As Juana Gomez says: "It's like returning to the old days of extreme poverty."

Actualmente estan cocinando a fuego, ocupando materiales de la misma casa destruida como combustible. Como dice Juana Gomez: ¨Es como volver a la extrema pobreza del pasado.¨

Thanks to your donations, this family- and many more- will have at least a solid structure and a roof over their heads this coming Winter.

Gracias a tu aporte, esta familia- y muchas otras- tendran por lo menos una estructura solida y un techo para pasar el invierno que esta por llegar.

10 people currently sleep here - Actualmente, 10 personas duermen aqui.

4 members of the family where their home once stood - 4 familiares parados donde estaba su casa.

Timber purchased to build emergency housing for the family - Madera para construir la vivienda de emergencia para la familia.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Over the next few days, this blog will start to document the work that we are doing in Poblacion to help the worst affected. We have already raised enough funds to purchase construction materials for over 50 emergency houses and we will be posting photos and interviewing families that are being helped.

Please check back after the weekend for more information and for access to the spreadsheet that will show your donation and what it is being spent on. This is to show the transparency of our private organisation.
Thanks for your help!

Durante los proximos dias, este blog se documentara el trabajo que estamos haciendo en Poblacion para ayudar a los damnificados por el terremoto. Ya hemos recaudado suficientes fondos para comprar materiales para construir mas de 50 mediaguas. Estaremos posteando foto y informacion sobre las familias a las que estamos ayudando.

Vuelve al blog despues del fin de semana para mayor informacion y un documento Excel donde se veran todas las donaciones y la compra de los materiales. Esto es para demostrar la transparencia de nuestras acciones.

Gracias por tu aporte!